OggiDomani is a ceramic art and design studio where artist Josephine Durkin specialises in creating unique ceramic pieces combining traditional Italian design with a contemporary feel. It is the collaboration of handmade terracotta pieces from Italy with a steady artists hand in Greytown.

Josephine opened the studio in Greytown as a showcase for her art following several successful years of internet sales.  Trained in Italy by an Italian ceramics Maestro, Josephine has a colourful aesthetic, an experimental approach to design combination and a passion for craft and quality




Handmade pieces bringing beauty and style to the everyday.


For Josephine, creating a ceramic piece is an intimate process. Before deciding on colours and designs, she thinks about how a piece will be used and where it will be seen. Once the blank terracotta, white from its slip glaze, is on the wheel, the hypnotic nature of her designs take over. Completely opposed to an industrial approach, she guides her hand, each stroke making an individual piece.

The studio in Greytown is the place to see a piece in all stages of creation: designing, glazing, painting and cooking. When the kiln opens pieces are ready to brighten homes with beautiful yet functional art.  By embracing the beauty of the hand created, each individual piece is truly one of a kind.